The benefits of social media on art


French people spend an average of 1:20 a day on social networks to share, like, comment. These are important vectors of information that inspire and influence. They therefore represent an advantage for art. In fact, the artistic domain provides emotion, offers content, appeals to our senses and overturns codes. All its functions are in line with those of social networks. In addition, the works gain greater visibility as do the artists thanks to the sharing system. It is important to note that users are inspired by what they see on social networks, they are pushed to copy what they see on their screen. It is therefore a great advantage for art which can set trends, for example with decorative art.

Another advantage of networks is to offer a space for expression without constraint of time or place. This is important because the relationship to creation and to the artist changes. Telling the genesis of the work is to better understand it at the time of its discovery. Like creating a kind of teasing, arousing the desire. Engage the public in the creative process via expressed values ​​or highlighted collaborations. Share a creative universe to make you want to see the result in real life. Beyond visibility, working on social networks allows you to keep in touch with professionals and the public. Build loyalty, make you want to see the work in situ and then encourage the act of purchase

Do you follow artists on social networks?

What kinds ?

Marie Poupon.

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