When art denounces social networks

For some, social networks have shown their talent. Whether in the field of photography, singing, drawing, dancing… Social networks are a medium for their creativity. 

For others, Social medias constitute social pressure and expresses it through their art.

Among them, we can find the artist Kevin Lau. He noted that social networks are absolutely omnipresent in our lives and are representative of our current Society. Through his simple and striking illustrations he shows that these sites are for many a real addiction and denounce their dark side. The Instagram logo on a surveillance camera, the Facebook F consumed like a cigarette, a wedding ring replaced by a «like»…. All his drawings demonstrate today’s mentality.

In another genre, the artist An Xiao made in 2010 a meeting called « The Artist is Kinda Present » in which there is an online connection, parallel to what the artist Marina Abramovic did, « The Artist is Present » where there is an offline connection.

Visitors could meet An Xiao and communicate with her but only via a phone while she was physically in front of them. Through this action, An Xiao wanted to highlight the impact of social networks on our social relations.

What do you think of the approach of these two artists? 

Do you agree with them?

Léa Quentin.

Sources :

22 illustrations créatives qui dénoncent l’addiction aux réseaux sociaux




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  1. I think this approach is more pedagogical in order to make people understand the threats and negative points of the networks. Art is accessible and loved by all, so I totally agree with this method.


    1. apollart dit :

      Yes, we agree, it can affect a large number of people. Thanks for your comment!


  2. Maël H dit :

    Hi ! I totally agree with those artists because I think that a picture, a paint something that is a « visual thing » is more punchy to people’s minds. So it can really help them to deliver a message.


    1. apollart dit :

      Yes we share your opinion, thank you for reading our articles!


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