The art on Facebook

Facebook was created in 2004 by Marc Zuckerberg when he was student in Harvard. In first time, the users did to enter an mail address to log in. Facebook was open to large public in 2006, it event change the social media world. At the end of 2019 Facebook had 2.5 billion active users each month, an up 7.8% compared to the end of 2018.

Facebook was un opportunity for a lot of artist who can share their artworks easily. It did permite them to win more visibility without pay anything. At the views to the number of users it’s looks like difficult to show all of the publications because we need to be lot of time in this social media to see an little part. 

Moreover, we can show censure, if the publication not respect certain aspect of the legislaty to facebook they supprimate the publication even if it not vulgare or at negative caracter.

Now, Facebook share more and more humoristics publications or the publications of the other social media like Twitter, Instagram,…

And Facebook became a social media for the generation Y in majority. 

Elise Poyer

And you do you think Facebook it became a social media for this generation? Why? 

Do you thing the humoristic art is good on facebook?

Une brève histoire des réseaux sociaux


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  1. Nolwen J dit :

    Hi !
    Honestly, I think Facebook has clearly become the social media for the Y generation because the millennials are more on Instagram or whatever. But, Facebook can still be really interesting to get active people to discover art.
    Have a nice day !


  2. apollart dit :

    Thank you for your comment Nolwen 🙂


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