Social networks, art accessible to all

Before social networks, it was complicated to make his works known to the general public. These allow you to reach people around the world with extraordinary speed and without having to pay a cent. You can expose your talents in a very simple way while keeping in touch with the public. Before, only major works could be exhibited to the general public. People who hadn’t forced the means to exhibit or who didn’t know the right people were therefore invisible to the public.

Art has also become accessible to everyone for the public. Indeed, thanks to social networks, they have the possibility of seeing works without having to travel to museums or exhibitions. It is important to note that 51.3% of young people are not interested in museums. Also, some people just can’t afford to go ther

If social networks did not exist, would you go to the museum or to exhibitions to keep in touch with Art?

Marie Poupon.

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  1. Charlotte Alves dit :

    Hello! I think that without social networks I would not go to see exhibitions and I would not go to museums because before seeing people posting their works, I was not particularly interested in art.


    1. apollart dit :

      Thank you for your comment! 🙂


  2. Mélissa Cellier dit :

    Personally, I think if social networks didn’t exist, I think why I’d probably go to exhibitions and museums but I don’t think I’d go alone.


  3. Solène Langlois dit :

    Personally I will say that without social medias, I think that I’ll go to museums more often. Because I will have more time to spend, and I would like discover more about art.


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