Hacked Art


Today, we will speak about steal of arts works, the copyright.

First of all, copyright is assembly of privilege wich benefits an author on his original works of spirit. It includes the moral right and heritage right.

Now, with internet and social network, if you post something, she will stay for sure on internet. Particularly with art, we don’t have the control.

The social network who have the most problems of copyright is youtube. All things posted on youtube are a « dimension of art » and per month, there are 720 000 hours of videos posted on this social network.

Copyright on youtube are a real problem and the plateform do his best in order to counter this scourge. For exemple, recently, a law was voted, article 13. This article aims to find an agreements between videos creator and authors of music in order to respect the copyright.

Are you agree on the fact of payed author is normal in order to use his work ?

In your life, did u downloaded something illegaly in rapport with art ?

Baptiste Limare.

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  1. Augustin S dit :

    I think it is completely logical to pay an artist for using his work, but it is true that this is very handicapping for other creators, the most affected are surely the Youtubers who cannot use music or images known!


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