Thank you Social Media…


Hi everyone ! Today we will introduce you a great artist who get inspired by social media; Richard Prince.

We saw in the article “when art denounces social Networks” that for many artists, social networks had inspired them in a rather negative way. 

For Richard Prince, they are a source of positive inspiration that allowed him to make a whole exhibition «New Portrait» on this theme, presented at the Gagosian gallery in New York.

This exhibition unveiled 38 works that were in fact portraits from Instagram. Prince chose them scrupulously each and added legends and other smileys thus bringing a « plus value » to the works. These portraits being made public when they were posted on the social network, could therefore be exploited by the artist without the consent of the interested parties.

Despite that, was criticized by some people whose photos were «borrowed» without their consent, Richard Prince raised $90,000 through this exhibition.

What do you think about what he did?

Would you have liked to be exposed as an artwork without your consent?

Léa Quentin.

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  1. iscomb76 dit :

    Hello ! For me, Richard Prince’s idea is interesting, but he should have asked for people’s consent. Personally, I wouldn’t like that a photo of me be used without my consent, even if the artistic idea is good. See you soon ! 🙂
    Charlotte Foschia 1B


  2. juliebargain dit :

    I think that at the first time I would be quite surprised to see a picture of me while I didn’t give my consent, but I wouldn’t be offended. Actually, the artist didn’t do it in a bad or discriminant way, he did it with good intentions.
    Julie Bargain


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