Hello everyone!

Since the beginning of the containment, a lot of challenges have been created on the web: the « Cat Challenge » the « Pillow Challenge » and also the « Getty Museum Challenge » ! 

This challenge has been launched the 25th March by the Getty Center itself, a cultural and research campus located in Los Angeles. 

To pass the time and make Internet users smile this museum has challenged them to reproduce very famous paintings and then post their creation on social networks Instagram or Twitter with the #Gettymuseumchallenge or the #betweenartandquarantine. Just take any everyday objects to try to be the closest to painting, creativity is in order!

An idea that has conquered nearly thousands of internet users from all over the world.

This online artistic challenge is an excellent way to renew the link between youth and mythical artwork, they cultivate themselves while having fun. And finally, any generation play the game.

Apollarts has made you a small selection of the most fun reproductions of participants, enjoy! :

Which reproduction did you prefer? And why?

Did you participate in a challenge during containment?

Léa Quentin.

Sources :

Recréez des tableaux chez vous avec le Getty Museum challenge !


People Recreate Works of Art With Objects Found at Home During Self-Quarantine


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  1. Charlotte Alves dit :

    Hello! I find the cat very funny, I think it’s my favorite.
    During the confinement, I carried out a challenge created by the ISCOM’s BDE which consisted in disguising as film characters.


  2. juliebargain dit :

    I appreciate this challenge because it allows to see paintings in another way. The one I prefer is the picture with the cat because it’s the funniest one although the cat didn’t do it on purpose


  3. Maël H dit :

    Hello ! I think that my favorite reproduction is the one with the cat, because it made me smile a lot : the picture was not expected and that’s why I like it. Unfortunately, I didn’t participate to one of these challenges during quarantine.


  4. sarahbonniere dit :

    Hi ! I really like the one with the avocado, it shows that it’s very easy to make art with basic things that we all have at home ! For my part I have posted a picture of me when I was 2 for the challenge on Instagram ! (Sarah BONNIERE 1B)


  5. Chelsea Benakou dit :

    I really like the photo with the avocado, it’s very funny. I really like the challenges that allow us to be creative. I also realized the same challenge created by the BDE of the iscom.


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