Evolution of art on Instagram


We can ask when begin the art in social media. 

Here we stay concentrated to Instagram, it was defind like the most social media where we can find art in general. 

This social media was created in October 6th 2010 by Kevin Systrom, it’s was create to custom photography with filters, effects and frames. It knows an exponential glow up since his launch. Instagram was redeemed by Mark Zuckerberg in 2012

He improved his application with the creation of the stories and with th Boormerang.

in the beginning everyone published their photos without preconceptions, the photos they took, the images they loved and republished. Now, Instagram will be more professional plateform, influencers won their life with partnerships, it became the social media of the beauty.

And you, do you think Instagram is the social media of the beauty at the art ? 

In your opinion, are all the users artists and all publish works of art?

Elise Poyer.

Sources :

La belle histoire d’Instagram

Instagram lance les comptes “créateur”


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