Hello, today we will talk about comportement of artists on social media

In first, exposed works on social media is a choice, so if u take the choice to post, there can be effects, and on social media, there are many negative effect.

Negative comments, harassment, bad comportement against artist and contents creators are always and we will be always present on social media. Their bad things can have an effects on their people, like depression, loss of trust, etc…

Other bad comportement on social media, but for artist : narcissism and ego problems. Be an artist on social media can climb at the head on workers. Numbers of followers rising, lot of like, all his things can do derive our artists. For example posted anythings without report.

For conclure, exposition on social media is not an easy job, and there are many bad effects.

How to manage exposure on social media ?

The socials media need to take measures in order to fight bad comportements ?

Baptiste Limare.


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  1. I think in order to manage exposure on social networks, you have to know the difference between virtual life and real life. Don’t forget also that networks are just a communication channel and that we have our real lives.

    So yes, in my opinion, those in charge of social applications should be more attentive to users’ bad behaviour to avoid certain acts such as harassment.


  2. Augustin S dit :

    Yes social networks should take important steps to avoid these bad behaviors, but it is really difficult to prevent them all, there are a lot of them and every second there are new ones!


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